Our retail store is closed. We will continue to do wedding cakes and other special orders so don’t hesitate to contact us at 920-285-0367  or the_bakers_wife@yahoo.com

About Our Products

Our attention to detail and commitment to providing “real” food is why everything from Weber’s Bakery is so special. Our breads and pastries are made the same way they have been made since 1921. Our breads are not mass produced by a machine. But each loaf is made by hand, in the traditional way. Nothing is stamped out by a machine or press, but made and formed by hand. In fact, our products taste like homemade, because they are! We have resisted the modern trend of using mold inhibitors and accelerators in our breads because we believe that chemicals don’t belong in our bodies. Therefore, the shelf life of our products is shorter than you will find elsewhere. In fact, we don’t keep any of our breads on the shelf more than a couple days. One way to extend the shelf life and preserve our products is to freeze them. And, most of our product freeze exceptionally well. We use lard, not hydrogenated oil. We use unbromated, unbleached flour with no additives. We are passionate about putting “real” ingredients in all our products because we care about your health and well being. Our breads are not gluten-free, but many of our breads are gluten-reduced because we use a variety of grains. These grains such as millet, spelt, teff, and amaranth have health benefits wheat cannot offer and they are naturally low in gluten. We don’t use high-gluten flour in any of our breads or buns. So, when buying your family’s baked goods at Weber’s Bakery, be cautious how you store it when you get home. Don’t put breads in the refrigerator where they can accumulate moisture and mold. Please, feel free to freeze any buns, breads, and many other products. You can leave your baked goods from Weber’s Bakery on the counter for 1 – 3 days and expect it to remain excellent, depending on the humidity level.